National Game Design Month (Na Ga DeMon)

1 Nov

I suppose I could begin by asking you to play a game with me wherein I will give you all the reasons (excuses) for why I haven’t been posting more games lately. I would list them out in vivid detail and you would then respond by guessing if they are true or not.  I could say things like:

I have been struggling with health issues these past  few months (True),

or That I have been asked to design a very top-secret game for our clandestine alien overlords for their use in global domination (Not so  True),

or That I’ve just been so busy with life and family and work lately (varying shades of “True” in this one).

But then, that isn’t much of an apology is it?  In place of such silliness I could also tell you that in recent months I have been in contact with a group of very talented and dedicated Canadian Game Designers and as a result have been re-evaluating what I have been doing with (and what I would like to do with) my game designs.  I will be the first to admit that much of what I have made available so far is pretty raw. If you have had fun with them I am thankful and happy. But in the coming months and years I think I want to go back through my catalog and reinvest some time and energy in improving them. Tightening the game-play, reworking the themes and/or components, and throwing out the stuff that just doesn’t live up to my (newly elevated) standards of mediocrity.

And finally, in light of both these points, I am today embarking on a brand new project called the National Game Design Month.  I found this just the other day and thought it looked really neat.  My props to Nathan Russell for getting the ball rolling on this!

So … Call it an apology for recent idleness. Call it one last kick-at-the-can for raw designs of yesteryear. Call it an invitation to travel with me over the coming 30 days and see into the mind of the man who has always been Happy to put ‘More’ into the Moronic. Over the Month of November I will be posting my thoughts and my progress as I design a game for NaGa DeMon. I would love to get your feedback and your input on the way and at the end of the process (Nov. 30th) I will – if all goes according to plan – have a new game for y’all.

Let’s have at it!

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