Choices, choices …

3 Nov

Alright, so the first day of the NaGa DeMon challenge was given to mulling over some interesting choices.  First off – do I work out a game that is already well underway? This doesn’t seem like it would be playing by the rules.  If too much has already been done on it then it is not really being accomplished in the month of November … just finished (although finished would be a good thing too!)

Second thing – do I start completely from scratch? Come up with an idea from somewhere, hoping that inspiration will strike before the stroke of midnight November 30th?  Knowing my schedules, personal issues, and past history this didn’t seem like such a good idea either. (Not to mention that giving my self potentially only seconds to design, build and play a game doesn’t bode well for the quality either.)

Third thought – maybe I could look at an idea I have already had, that’s just sort of tumbling around in my folder – one with little or no work done on it yet. This seems better suited to both the spirit of the challenge and the spirit of my unreliability.  There are no few ideas rolling around in the back of my head that I could bring out and put forward. There is the game system I’ve been contemplating. There is the game system of someone else I have had a few ideas for. There is the project I would like to do with my son. There are a whole whack of terrible ideas that could maybe find a glimmer of potential if given new eyes or a new direction.

And then it hit me … Crow.  Well, Crow didn’t actually hit me, but the promise I made to this very patient individual some time ago sure did.  You may see in one of my previous posts a request for a Cowboy style game that I said would be interesting to try. And then life got away with me and apparently I found other more interesting things to do with my time (did I mention that I have another potential game player on the way?) … anyway…

Now’s my opportunity to fix that (mostly) broken promise.  So my NaGa DeMon game will be something to do with the Old West! (Cause there just isn’t enough of them this last while.) What form it will take, and what it will be about I’m not sure just yet. The one thing I can tell you is that it will be worth every penny I sell it for! Stay tuned for my initial thoughts. And if you have any suggestions let me know … I’d be interested in your input.

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