Freedom Springs

12 Nov

The Old West is a rough-and-tumble range where things can happen.  Bad things. Maybe you meant for it to happen. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe you were framed by someone truly bad. I don’t reckon it matters much now. You’re a wanted criminal, partner. And wanted men don’t last long in these parts.  It ain’t no way for a soul to live, always looking over yer shoulder – sleeping with one eye open.  If only there was a way to get out from under the Law. If only there were a way to clear your name and start over again.  And then you hear the rumours of a place where your every dream can come true … for a price. And so you strap on your guns and  head out again … this time on the trail to freedom.

The Old West is a rough and tumble place to try and make a living. Life in the  town of Freedom Springs is hard enough without the added trouble of rustlers, murderers and thieves blowin through every other day.  It’s bad for business. It’s worse for the Law. And then one day after the third robbery in a month the mayor and the sheriff come up with a devious idea. An idea that has the potential of not only getting the worst scum off your streets, but also of putting a little money and fame in your town’s coffers at the same time. 

And so the word is sent out, the Town of Freedom Springs will now live up to its name. Once a year a contest will be held. Anyone in trouble with the Law can come and win their freedom. Of course it will cost you, but if you can pay (and if you survive) then a full pardon will be writ and you are Free to ride off into the sunset without ever having to look over your shoulder again. 

Freedom Springs is a Highfaluting’ Card Game for 2-4 people, where players will control a group of outlaws seeking to earn enough money to pay off the Law and win a full pardon. Will you do it by Card Sharpin’ in the local tavern? Or will you go straight for the throat by callin’ out the other scum to collect the reward when you’ve gunned them down in the streets?  Can you make enough money to buy your Freedom, or will you die like a dog? By sundown we’ll know …

So there’s my NaGa DeMon idea … what do you think so far? Let me know.  I will begin posting some game mechanic ideas tomorrow.

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