Freedom Springs

14 Feb

Freedom Springs: Redemption has a price … and it might just be your life!

Ages: 10+ (for thematic content)

Players: 3 – 5

Interesting Features: The gambling games you know and love … with a twist … and a guy nicknamed “locoweed”

Extras Needed: a deck of playing cards,poker chips (in at least three distinct denominations/colours) and the included Character Cards (below).

DOWNLOAD: Character Cards


Printing Suggestions: Everything prints onto standard Letter size pieces of paper. The Character Cards can be printed on a full page label and applied (front and back) to some heavy card.

Designer’s Notes: Add the NaGa DeMon Challenge, an outstanding request for an Old West game, and more gumption than brains on my part, and what you get (three months late) is an Old West gambling game. Why gambling? Whenever I think of the old west one of the first images that comes to mind are poker games in a saloon. The second is a gunfight in the dusty streets. And lets face it, any time gunfights are invovled the whole thing is one great big gamble!

–  –  –

Designer’s Apology and Offering: The fact that this November Game Design Month Challenge is only now being published here for your enjoyment says about all there is to say about my life recently. Work, health, family additions … sometimes the game design has to come second (or third or last) … BUT you dear friend(s) and fan(s) NEVER will!  To thank you for all your patience with me, and to bribe you into playing the game I propose the following.

Give the game a try. Send me your feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly). Give me your suggestions. Ask me your questions. Helpme tweak it and make it even better. In return I will design an additional set of Outlaws using YOU! Along with your feedback send me a picture and a Cowboy name for yourself (or I can give you one) and I will work you into the expansion as one of Freedom Springs notorious Outlaws. Send these to “kenmgames @” This expansion will also allow for more players to be included in each game. Thanks again for your support!

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