Chip Off the Block

25 Dec

Chip off the BlockIt’s all crazy luck (and some good old-fashioned begging) in this super-light dice-rolling filler game.

Ages: 4+

Players: 2 – 10

Interesting Features: Got 5 minutes and a die? Well, now you also have a Game to play! Use Chips 2-6 for the 6-sided die, or add in 7-8 and use an 8-sided die (for more players). Roll the die and take chips (chips) from the middle of the table (the Block) … or from other players!

Extras Needed: a single 6 or 8 sided die.

DOWNLOAD: Chip Components and Rules

Printing Suggestions: The whole thing prints  onto one standard Letter size piece of paper. The rules are designed to go on a single playing card, front and back. The tokens can be applied to standard poker chips for something sturdier. (This can all be done much easier if you print the whole page on a full sheet label.)

Designer’s Notes: Just in time for Christmas, a little gift from my house to yours. Its light. Its portable. Its cheesy. And its free. As far as gifts go that’s not too bad (even if its not that good either). We hope you have as much goofy fun with it as we do … Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rules Variants: Below are some new twists you can add to make the fun even more zany …

Spite and Malice – If you role the same number as a chip you already hold you may do one of two things. If you call out “Spite” everyone who has a chip must put it back in the middle (the Block). If they have more than one they choose. If you call out “Malice” you may take any one chip of lesser value (than the number you rolled) from another player.


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