Written in the Cards

1 May


Some say life is a matter of playing the cards you were dealt. But is it all determined before you even begin? Do you have the power to change things, or is it all just written in the cards

Ages: 6+

Players: 2 – 6

Interesting Features: Written in the Cards is a story-telling game based around the words you choose and the cards you draw. It is completely open-ended and anything at all can happen … especially if you draw a face card!

Extras Needed: One deck of regular Playing Cards. You can make extra copies of the Story Outline and Tracker found on the back of the page. You will need one for each game you play. Or you can do it without the tracker if you like.

DOWNLOAD: Written In the Cards

Designer’s Notes: Written in the Cards began life as an entry into the 2017 Edition of the 200 Word RPG Challenge. With almost 700 entries you know it is an idea worth exploring. And you really should! There are a lot of really neat ideas worth trying out!

And while 200 words got most of my point across, I wanted to expand my game and its story-telling greatness to A FULL PAGE of awesome complexity! It may take you longer to read the rules now, but I think you will agree … it is more than 200 words … several more. I hope you enjoy a few of them in a story of your own creating.


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