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Pip & Squeak

28 May

Pip&SqueakOne tiny little game that you can play two different ways!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2 – 4

Interesting Features: It’s dice … and some rules … how is that NOT interesting? Pip & Squeak is the little game you can play two different ways. In Pip you get to blame your lousy friends for losing. In Squeak you get to blame the lousy dice!

Extras Needed: four standard dice per player.

DOWNLOAD: Pip & Squeak

Printing Suggestions: The whole thing prints on one standard Letter size piece of heavy paper front and back. Use the cutting guides to get your individual cards. Don’t cut right off the edge, just up to the mark, and it works like a charm. Put the cards into card sleeves if you like.

Designer’s Notes: Pip is more tense and likely to make you yell at your opponents. Squeak is more chaotic and guaranteed to make you yell at your dice. You decide which one your friendships can handle. 



Classics Cubed!

7 Feb

Classics 3So many dice … so many games!

Ages: 6+          Players: 2

Interesting Features: Smaller boards, faster playing times, and the occasional luck of the roll. These are the classic board games you know, with a new and dicey twist. Actually, Dice-Tac-Toe became a whole lot more of a game than the original!

Extras Needed: two different (and identifiable) sets of standard six-sided dice … plus two. Use two different styles, or colours or sizes.


DOWNLOAD: Chess-Cubed Board

DOWNLOAD: Pits & Pips Board

DOWNLOAD: Dicegammon Board

Printing Suggestions: All of the files print onto one standard Letter size piece of paper. The rules are designed to be printed front and back. The Boards can be used as is, or “fancifed” by printing out each one twice, putting the top one on a sheet of foamboard, and cutting out spaces for the dice. (see the picture above for a sloppy version of this idea … I’m sure you can make your copy look much nicer!) This will keep the dice from moving around on you without your consent. This can all be done much easier if you print the whole page on a full sheet label.

Designer’s Notes: Because it’s been so long since I updated this site I decided to give you not just one game but FOUR full games to remind you of why you hadn’t missed me! You are welcome.

Rules Variants: Have any interesting ideas you would like to add? Leave a comment below!

Chip Off the Block

25 Dec

Chip off the BlockIt’s all crazy luck (and some good old-fashioned begging) in this super-light dice-rolling filler game.

Ages: 4+

Players: 2 – 10

Interesting Features: Got 5 minutes and a die? Well, now you also have a Game to play! Use Chips 2-6 for the 6-sided die, or add in 7-8 and use an 8-sided die (for more players). Roll the die and take chips (chips) from the middle of the table (the Block) … or from other players!

Extras Needed: a single 6 or 8 sided die.

DOWNLOAD: Chip Components and Rules

Printing Suggestions: The whole thing prints  onto one standard Letter size piece of paper. The rules are designed to go on a single playing card, front and back. The tokens can be applied to standard poker chips for something sturdier. (This can all be done much easier if you print the whole page on a full sheet label.)

Designer’s Notes: Just in time for Christmas, a little gift from my house to yours. Its light. Its portable. Its cheesy. And its free. As far as gifts go that’s not too bad (even if its not that good either). We hope you have as much goofy fun with it as we do … Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rules Variants: Below are some new twists you can add to make the fun even more zany …

Spite and Malice – If you role the same number as a chip you already hold you may do one of two things. If you call out “Spite” everyone who has a chip must put it back in the middle (the Block). If they have more than one they choose. If you call out “Malice” you may take any one chip of lesser value (than the number you rolled) from another player.

State of the Gaming Address

26 Mar

Imagine my surprise and chagrin when I realized that it had been over a year since I had last posted here … and that in that time I had learned the word “chagrin” … As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been taking a little different tack to my game designing, you know, like, trying to make a decent one sometime.

To this end I have been refocusing my efforts on taking my designs past the very first rudimentary stages of jotting down an idea, writing some rules and playtesting it against myself a few times. Now I actually have some friends to tell me when things are not good. (They are much more willing to hurt my feelings than I ever was – and I am most thankful for it!) Give me a few more years of toughening up my skin and I may yet reach my lofty goal of blazing mediocrity.

But just so you know that I haven’t been idle I thought I would give you a little teaser of some of the projects I have been working on in the past year.  Here they are in no particular chronological order …

First, as I also mentioned in that previous post, I have begun going back into my catalog of crap and doing some re-working. O Tannen BOOM! got a bit of a face lift, and a couple of mechanical changes to really heighten the tension, and timing. Behind the 8-Ball got totally reworked, scrapped, rebuilt into Cue It Up!, and then scrapped and re-shelved. I am hoping something gels and I get some inspiration again soon. Pay the Prize also got a major overhaul, into something I’m now calling Profit Margins. I like where it is going. I have also revisited Balloon Tycoon, and I like what I see there …

420091_10150704129492059_1014883846_ncue it upProfit Margins

Next up I have been working on some new stuff too. For now I will let the pictures do the talking. I’m getting kind of tired (did I mention it’s been over a year since I did this much writing?)

Pillars and Postshold fast picDonkeyMonkey moonInfectiousCaverns and CoffersOver the Rainbow Proto

Some of these are actually pretty good, and at least a couple of them are worth publishing (if playtester reports are true … and not just my own opinion … )

And lastly, I have also worked collaboratively with a couple of really awesome designers, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve put together. Look for promising futures out of both of these creative minds. May I present the designs of Sam Maher (age 8) and Becca Maher (age 6)

Castle BuilderPippi Game

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my missing year in game design. If you would like to know more about any of the games you see here, or serve as a playtester for something here that looked interesting to you please drop me a line and I will be tickled to send you the particular files (seriously, all this typing after a year of nothing is tickling my fingertips like you wouldn’t believe!)

Happy Gaming!

Deck of Dice

30 Apr

Re-imagining EVERY classic card game as soon-to-be-classic dice games!

Ages: 5+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: Any card game you like to play can now be played with only a handful of dice!  Not only does this make the games play faster, but also with some twists only a dice game can bring! The starter rules include a glossary of terms and adaptations for 7 classic games, (Crazy Eights, Go Fish, My Ship Sails, Red Dog, Euchre, Hearts, Knockout Whist) but more will be added to this page as time and interest dictate. There are games here for every age and interest.

Extras Needed: 12-36 standard six-sided dice (6 per player) to which our “revolutionary” set of labels will be applied.  Player screens and dice cups will also serve you well for many of the games.



Printing Suggestions: The rules can be printed out on standard letter sized paper.  The set of Dice (page 1) should be printed on a full-sheet label.  The player screens (pages 2-3) should be printed on heavy card.  Cut out the dice labels and apply to some old dice.  You will need one full colour – 6 dice/36 labels – for each player (make sure numbers 1-6 [each row on the label sheet] goes on one die!)  Don’t put all the same number on one die.  Don’t mix the colours on one die.  The three sets of labels for Trump dice (two in black and one in white) on the far right of the sheet, form a set vertically for each die.  Cut out the player screens and fold each one into three sections so they will stand up.

Designer’s Notes: I said I’d do it … I tried to warn you (see here) … I really did …  but you didn’t believe me did you?  Well, who’s laughing now – Me. That’s who! – BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … cough … cough … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!      Hey, wait! Come back.  I’ll stop; I promise.

Euchre Dice

30 Dec

Re-imagining the classic card game as a soon-to-be-classic dice game.

Ages: 8+

Players: 2, 3, or 4

Interesting Features: It has the feel of the card game, but with some twists only a dice game can bring!  And if you are losing you can always throw the dice (which will hurt more than cards!)

***Attention*** upon the advice of  legal counsel, we here at KenMGames would like to hereby publicly state that we do not condone the throwing of any game pieces … card,dice or otherwise.  Such juvenile behaviour could result in potentially minor personal injuries that we do not condone.  If you are losing and want to hurt the other players then you should make sure that you do it properly.

***Attention*** upon further advice of our legal counsel we here at KenMGames must categorically state that we do not condone the use of violence in any way shape or form … whether it be in game settings or anywhere else.  No one should be treated in such a way … unless they are humourless lawyers who can’t take a joke and always have to ruin everything for everyone else!

***Attention*** as KenMGames is now representing itself in any further legal matters we have nothing more to say and ask that you disregard everything we have said to this point as it was not us that said it and we shouldn’t be held responsible for some crazy guy who hi-jacked our keyboard.  Thank you, be nice to lawyers, and play safe.  That is all.

Extras Needed: 5 standard six-sided dice per player plus one extra and a Dice Cup.


Printing Suggestions: One piece of paper for the rules.  Print the player screens on a second sheet (heavy card works best) then cut and fold.

Designer’s Notes: Stephen and Dave, over at the wonderful podcast The Spiel (you really should give it a listen!), have been talking recently of some of their pet projects they would like to see come to light in the new year.  Chief among them was a dice adaptation of a classic card game.  That got me to thinking … but that began to hurt … so I stopped it and threw together this design instead.  It was a fun exercise, (translating from one genre to another) so I may try it again.  There are so many good games out there that could be ruined adapted!  … Once my headache subsides that is …

Castle Clash

2 Apr

castleclashTall fences make for good neighbours … unless of course they happen to have a catapult or two!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2-4

Interesting Features: Careful planning in how you build your castle AND with what weapons you will attack your opponent are key to winning this battle for control of the neighbourhood. Just be careful that you don’t give your enemies any extra ammunition!

Extras Needed: A pencil and paper, A deck of cards divided into suits (one suit for each player) a whole whack of dice of different sides (4’s 6’s 8’s 10’s etc) ask someone who does a lot of roleplaying if you can borrow some.


Printing Suggestions: Pretty straightforward – one piece of paper with the rules printed on both sides. Play the game on a table cloth to keep your cards from moving around too much.

Designer’s Notes: Another game design competition another story to tell.  After many years of finding these things too late, or finishing my idea too late, this time I was on time!  Not only was I on time … I was early!  So in went my entry and I sat back and waited … and waited … and waited …. the judging was delayed 2 times … so I waited … and waited some more … and then the competition was cancelled … (sigh)  Perhaps its better this way.  Just like my Mom says, This way none of the other entries needs to feel bad that mine was better.  (Thanks Mom)  Now I will let you all judge it for yourselves.  If you like it let me know – it will be like the prize I never got.  If you don’t like it … well I can always wait to hear about that another time.