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10 Mighty Men

16 Jun

10 Mighty Pic

Taking a timeless classic and making it something not worse! … I think …

Ages: 7+

Players: 2

Interesting Features: How and when you choose to use these variations is up to you.  Use them one at a time or all together – it’s your call.  Use only the ones you like and ignore the others.  Use nothing but these special pieces if you are feeling particularly foolhardy!

Extras Needed: A Mancala board, 48 “neutral” coloured stones or tokens, assorted stones or tokens in distinct colours (see rules).

DOWNLOAD: 10 Mighty Men

Printing Suggestions: Pretty straightforward – one piece of paper with the rules printed on both sides. The second file is designed to be printed on a sheet of standard business cards.  Each card has the information for One Mighty Man, and are meant to be kept in front of the player for easy reference during any game where said piece is being used.


DOWNLOAD: 10 Mighty Cards

Designer’s Notes: Tom Wham, designer extraordinaire, has been an inspiration of mine for a long time (my apologies if this connection is less than flattering for Mr. Wham … providing inspiration does not make you responsible!)  I first discovered the joys of Mr. Wham’s hilarious and charming  designs with the great game “Planet Busters.”  Recently Mr. Wham came up with a brilliant variant of Backgammon called (obviously) “Whamgammon“.  This got me thinking that there are many other venerable games which could be updated in similar fashion … and so here is my first attempt.  Again, Mr. Wham, while in a way responsible for the game before you … is in no way to blame for the game before you.  I will take that credit myself.