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… that’s Another Story!

5 Mar

anotherstoryWhen was the last time you walked in space, explored an ancient ruin, won a gold medal, or saved the day? Well here’s your chance!

One action, one object one setting … unlimited possibilities! It’s make-believe on steroids! “… that’s Another Story” is all about using your imagination and learning to play together toward a common goal.

Ages: 3-4+

Players: 2+

Interesting Features: Included is an intuitive system for resolving differences of opinion in how the story should progress (but the less you need to use it the better).

Extras Needed: common household items / clothing to serve as props.



Printing Suggestions: Print the face of all sheets, then print the card-back graphics on the back of each sheet if you like (making sure to keep the three decks separate). Laminate the sheets and start cutting! Included is a pattern for paper dice, or you could paste the symbols on an existing die.

Designer’s Notes: I have two wonderful preschoolers at home with imaginations bigger than the house they live in.  I can’t wait to get home at night and play make-believe with them both.  We play superheroes and Dad gets beat up.  We play outerspace and Dad gets beat up.  We play explorers and Dad gets beat up.  We play hospital and Dad is treated for being beat up.  This simplified roleplaying system was my way of trying to broaden the horizons of this make-believe time, and provide some resources for keeping the story going … so that Dad can be beat up in all new places and in more crazy and wonderful ways!