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Balloon Tycoon

28 Sep

Balloons make people happy, and making people happy can make a fella rich.  So naturally you want more balloons! … But there’s a string attached (actually many strings) … because so does everyone else.

Ages: 6+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: Players try to build collections of balloons (by linking similar coloured balloons together) to fulfill a particular game winning goal … but beware! … that goal can change at any moment.

Extras Needed: nothing!



Printing Suggestions: all components can be printed on Letter sized paper.  The final page of the card file is the card backs.  Print this page on the reverse side of the other pages. You may find that the cards are easier to lay out and manipulate during the game if they are printed on a heavier card stock.

Designer’s Notes: Normally in the game design process I begin with the Theme.  (“Pirates!  Nobody’s done something with pirates have they?”) From that glimmer of gold I then dig into finding mechanics and components to make the theme work.  This time I thought I would try something a little different.  I started with the mechanic for the game, made sure it held together OK and then set to work coming up with a theme.  After grueling weeks of research and soul-searching I came up with … balloons … I know! How awesome is that!?! Sometimes my creative genius scares even me. Try not to feel so bad about your own ideas – with enough time and experience you may get to this level one day too!

Balloon Tycoon FAQ’s

  1. When playing a card, can you put any part of the card UNDER one of your existing cards (as long as the rest is over one or more of the others)?     ***     NO. Cards may ONLY be played on top of existing cards (being careful never to completely cover an existing card). The only exception is when a card is switched and needs to be put back into your collection just the way it came out.
  2. When you play a “TAKE” card, do you play the card you take or does it just stay in your hand?     ***     It goes in your hand and from then on you play the game with an additional card in your hand. Similarly, if the card was taken from your hand you continue the game being short a card in your hand!
  3. What happens if someone takes one of my balloon cards and I have cards that are now “orphaned” or no longer touching the rest of my collection?      ***      They remain on the table and my be reconnected by later plays – but only by playing cards on top of existing cards. You do not, however, need to reconnect them.  You can simply play onto your different collections as you see fit!