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Barnyard Brawl

2 Mar

The barnyard is getting crowded and the animals are getting bored. So what do you do to fill an afternoon?  Why not battle it out for bragging rights and first go at the trough tonight?

Ages: 7+

Players: 2

Interesting Features: Movable board elements, Combat Cards and MUD!  What more can you want in a 2 player abstract board game?

Extras Needed: nothing!

DOWNLOAD: Barnyard Brawl Files

Printing Suggestions: the Cards and rules can be printed on regular Letter-sized paper.  Print the Cards on heavier paper like cardstock (I wonder why they call it that?) or laminate them to make them last.  The Board and Playing Pieces can also be printed on Letter-sized paper, but you may want to enlarge them if your eyesight is bad like mine.  Just make sure you enlarge each by the same amount.  Cut out the Mud tile and the Wall tiles and mount to some heavy card or (for the wall sections and playing pieces) some foam-core board.

Designer’s Notes: this game has been sitting half-finished in my secret lair for several years now.  It all started way back when I tried to ruin nearly every classic game out there.  I had done a pretty decent job of butchering chess with my game Over-Draughts, so being drunk on “success” had decided to tackle Chinese Chess.  I got the basics of the game and then realized something … it was so boring I didn’t have the heart to finish it!  So there it sat.  Years later as I once again found myself in the old lair hiding from the children and the dishes I came across the dusty old files and thought “Wow is that ever dull!  Still it beats going upstairs …”  Soon I had added some movable elements and the cards and now it is finally worth every penny I sell it for … almost.