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Behind Every Good Man (BEG’M)

12 Dec

begm“Write what you know” I am told. Well, here is the result. A “funny-if-it-were-not-so-true” kind of card game. The hand you are dealt, for good or for bad, is your man. It’s your job to try and make something out of him. Or at least change him enough that you won’t be embarassed taking him out once in a while. Yes, Behind Every Good Man is one TIRED and FRUSTRATED woman! Included are some great variations like “Nobody’s Perfect!” “The Dating Scene” and “Blind Date!”

Ages: 10+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: Players must keep track of the cards in their hands AND on the table in front of them … you can play from either!

Extras Needed: Pencil, paper (Only if you are going to play several rounds and keep score).


Printing Suggestions: Print the face of all sheets, then print the card-back graphics on the back of each sheet if you like (Leaving the back blank will work if you are lazy AND if the paper is thick enough not to be seen through). Laminate the sheets and start cutting!

Designer’s Notes: This game began as a wild idea to suprise my wife with a home-made Christmas present (funds were a little tight). I figured that if I made enough fun of myself in the game, she wouldn’t notice that I didn’t buy her anything. It worked, and I got a pretty good game out of it too! In designing the game I started with two questions … How can you “build a decent hand” and still play cards on the other players, with a limited hand size and without diminishing one or the other? (I’m a firm believer in having my cake and eating it too!)

And for all of you dying to know: YES many of these cards (the good ones) are based upon a certain game designer who will remain anonymous. Guess which ones and you win a free copy of the game. Click on the link above to claim your prize!