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Building Babel

14 Dec

bbA Grandiose little card game for those who think highly of themselves and what they can accomplish!. It’s easy to learn but hard to win! It takes a subtle balance of working together AND looking out for yourself … Not to mention a whole lot of praying that the Big Guy Upstairs won’t end the whole thing before you’re finished! Players try to build the legendary “TOWER OF BABEL” while God is out to stop them! (He said something about new neighbours and His property values going way down!)

Ages: 10(ish)+

Players: 3-6

Interesting Features: By working together you have a better chance of completing the Tower, but only the one who completed the most levels will get the honours! (Unless God stops the whole thing before it’s done … Then they get the Blame instead!)

Extras Needed: A deck of ordinary Playing Cards (with or without the Jokers), some different tokens for each player.


Printing Suggestions: Rules are designed to be printed on both sides of the same 8.5X11 (just fold it in thirds when done).

Designer’s Notes: Being a Christian, there has been a desire to design at least a few of my games around Biblical themes (I’m a little biased). But how can you do that and still remain true to the overall idea of the Scriptures … don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the Bible can’t be fun (just read the book of Judges some day). The trick is how do you have fun with it BUT without rewriting what happens in it? Worse yet, how do you do a Biblically based game without it being totally detatched from good taste. The world DOES NOT need another Bible Trivia game (uuuuggghh!). In Genesis Chapter 11 I saw just such an opportunity. Could they have actually built the tower … no way. Can you actually win this game? Maybe … Probably not … But it’s fun trying!