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16 Dec

catnapCats, either you love ’em or you hate ’em. Whatever the case, you’ll find something to like in this game. It’s a lazy, crazy race around the house to end up right back where you started … doing nothing! Napping, eating, scratching, and staring at things … this game has it all. Oh yeah, did I mention the evil twins who are out to humiliate and torture you? The game includes the board , all the cards, rules and tokens you need to get started! As an added bonus, there are some game variations included to really get the fur flying!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2+

Interesting features: Even if you get to the end first, you may not win! There are surprises just waiting for you …

Extras Needed: Pawns or Markers of some kind (1 per player + 2 extra), a couple of six sided dice.



Printing Suggestions: You Need Both Parts of the Game! Enlarge to 11×17 if you like. Lego people make Great twins. (My apologies to Han Solo and Princess Leia) If you Don’t want to cut out all the tokens included just use pennies, marbles, or candies to keep track of your “score”. Candies are nice ’cause then you can eat them! (Just remember … if you want to WIN, wait until AFTER the game is over!)

Designer’s Notes: I think it was about the third time in less than an hour that my cat Mellianna jumped up onto the desk ruining the game I was working on … ok … ok … I was playing computer Solitaire … but I was winning … Anyway, it was about the third time this happened, that I decided she was probably playing a game with me. She can be quite evil when she wants to be. That got me thinking about playing a game with cats (the beta version involved a harsh word and a boot). Deciding this game would be fun but too short lived (once my wife found out), I did my research. It was exhausting, but I followed Mellie and George (the cats) around the house for days. The really hard part was trying to make the whole thing even slightly interesting.