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Chasing Cogs

16 Dec

cog1A tiny little game for two that can easily be kept in a purse or a wallet. Simple enough that the Rules are right here on this page (Don’t worry, you won’t forget them) … But complex enough to give you some interesting choices in play!

Ages: 7(ish)+


Interesting Features: Since when have Cogs EVER been interesting?

Extras Needed: Two tokens (2) for each player, one Large and one Small (e.g. Penny and a Nickel)


Printing Suggestions: This game is designed to be printed on a standard sheet of Business cards. Separate all the cards and Cut the ones with Both the Red and Blue in half. You can Laminate the cards if you want them to last longer … or just keep coming back and reprinting it when you can’t read the cards anymore! (’cause I know that’s how much you’re gonna play this one …ahem … cough … again).

Designer’s Notes: While surfing the net I came across the Simultaneous Game design Competition over at About.com (Board/Card Games). I was captivated by the simplicity and depth of so many of the designs I saw there, and I had always wanted to try my hand a something similar (i.e. being simple AND deep). Motivating some of this design, was a similar concept from James Ernest’s site in his crazy little free game “Change”. I therefore foolishly set out to design a game for which all the components could be printed out on a single sheet of business cards. I didn’t quite make it. The rules had to go on a separate business card (they do fit on one!) or, in this case, on my web site. The trick was trying to give it some depth of play … that and keeping it simple …


Your machines are broken and you need to chase down some new cogs to fix them.  Trouble is, some one else might beat you to it …

NEEDED TO PLAY: 5 Cog Cards, 5 each of Red + Blue Bidding Cards, 1 Small + Large token each.

RULES OF PLAY: The COG Cards (Yellow+Black) are shuffled and placed face up in a line between the players. A) Both players decide which of their Bidding Cards to play on the first COG. These are revealed at the same time. B) The highest bid takes the COG. If there is a TIE, both players must play another Bidding Card on the COG in question. (And So on …)

TOKENS: If a player has lost the Bid for a COG they may choose to play one of their Tokens (on either player) to Affect the outcome. SMALL: Self = Reclaim Bidding Card(s) for this COG. Other = Lose Lowest Value COG possessed. LARGE: Self = 3X Bidding Card Value for this COG. Other = 1/2 Value for this COG. If a Token remains unused by a player they are worth 10 (SM) 15 (LG). COGS ending up with no Bids (cards run out) are discarded, Player with the most points wins. Their machines are fixed!