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Classics Cubed!

7 Feb

Classics 3So many dice … so many games!

Ages: 6+          Players: 2

Interesting Features: Smaller boards, faster playing times, and the occasional luck of the roll. These are the classic board games you know, with a new and dicey twist. Actually, Dice-Tac-Toe became a whole lot more of a game than the original!

Extras Needed: two different (and identifiable) sets of standard six-sided dice … plus two. Use two different styles, or colours or sizes.


DOWNLOAD: Chess-Cubed Board

DOWNLOAD: Pits & Pips Board

DOWNLOAD: Dicegammon Board

Printing Suggestions: All of the files print onto one standard Letter size piece of paper. The rules are designed to be printed front and back. The Boards can be used as is, or “fancifed” by printing out each one twice, putting the top one on a sheet of foamboard, and cutting out spaces for the dice. (see the picture above for a sloppy version of this idea … I’m sure you can make your copy look much nicer!) This will keep the dice from moving around on you without your consent. This can all be done much easier if you print the whole page on a full sheet label.

Designer’s Notes: Because it’s been so long since I updated this site I decided to give you not just one game but FOUR full games to remind you of why you hadn’t missed me! You are welcome.

Rules Variants: Have any interesting ideas you would like to add? Leave a comment below!