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Coffee Table Caverns

20 Dec

ctc11No longer are the dark bowels of the under-earth the exclusive haunt of poor graduate students who are forced to live in their parent’s basement. Now it is the realm of strategic battles, unearthly magic, and ghoulish fiends … Just make sure you clean it up by 7:00 … the Johnsons are coming over and we need the rec-room back!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2

Interesting features: a game of miniatures that even I can understand! The play is in the tactics, not measuring tapes, hundreds of pages of rules, and countless charts and tables. This game comes with several boards that can be mixed and matched BUT it can even be played out on a standard chess / checkers board!

Extras Needed: Some of those Little Fantasy Miniatures – plundered from another game or your local Roleplayer … or use the optional Cut-outs (Extra Parts) below. 1 or 2 Six-sided dice





Printing Suggestions: You can Enlarge the boards to 11×17 … but the 8.5X11 works just fine. Trim them up and they are ready to become your ever-changing Dungeon of Danger! The Cards are meant to be printed on a standard sheet of Business Cards. If you are using the included playing pieces for miniatures, cut them out and fold them in half. They stand up really well if you then place them in a small binder clip.

Designer’s Notes: You knew it would happen sooner or later … I ran out of little green army men.  With a board game designed around them they thought they were safe at last … but you’re never safe when you are that little and fun to mangle, mutilate and blow up!  As I gathered up the pieces of my final Table Top Trooper blood bath, consigning to the long dark the last legs and limbs of my valiant forces I wan’t yet willing to admit defeat.  Just because all my men were gone shouldn’t mean that the fun was over.  But what could I do?  No way my wife would let me near her collectable bear figurines.  So what now?  Then I had an idea … an awful  idea … then I got a wonderful, awful idea!  With a twinkle in my eye I said to myself “Now where did I put all those fantasy miniatures …”