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Damn You !!! (Wrath of the Ancients)

15 Jan

A quick warning to any concerned parents: While the Title of this game really does speak well to the theme (in a funny sort of way), it may be a little much for some youngsters. You need to judge what is appropriate for your own family. If you prefer you may wish to substitute
“Wrath of the Ancients”
as an alternative title.

dypic“Modernia” The greatest civilization this world has ever known, and they owe it all to you! You are one of the ancient (and Petty) gods who first brought gifts to the mortals. But the people of Modernia turned their backs on you. They don’t believe in you any more … They don’t worship you anymore … THEY DON’T PLEASE YOU ANYMORE! Use all of your divine powers, the proper timing, and a little luck from the Fates to forever DOOM this civilization … just as you have so many ungrateful civilizations before it!

Ages: 7(ish)+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: There is definitely more to this simple little game than first meets the eye! Every part, every move, every card, every decision is vital to winning the game. Make sure you keep an eye on how those tiles are initially laid out!

Extras Needed: A bunch of coloured markers for each player (like poker chips or different sized coins), A pawn for each player (the different colours should be similar to the Tiles in the game – (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown)


– + –

Damn You Too!!!

The quest for petty revenge!  New cards, new tiles, new variations to try … same Damn fun but with more celestial backstabbing!


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Printing Suggestions: The tiles should be printed on to heavy card, and/or laminated to make them sturdier. You will also need to make yourself a “colour” die (singular of dice) but the instructions are included in the download file. It is also a good idea to play this game on a table cloth so the tiles don’t slide around too much.

Designer’s Notes: A game design competition on the theme of a doomed civilization led me to this little idea. Rather than playing the part of the one being doomed, I wondered, ‘What would it be like to play the part of the one doing the dooming?’ Rather than flee a sinking ship … why not sink it? Doesn’t that sound more fun? Of course it does! Once I decided that I wanted players to pick apart a civilization piece by piece, tiles for a board seemed only natural. Besides, everyone else is doing games with tiles so why shouldn’t I? What does “Settlers of Catan” have that I don’t have? … don’t answer that. Next came the brilliant idea that six sides to a hex tile was very similar to six sides on all those dice … so why not number them the same? And I did. Then all I had to do was figure out why … In the end it all seems to have worked out well. Thanks to my friend Jonathan for the “inspired” title!