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Deck of Dice

30 Apr

Re-imagining EVERY classic card game as soon-to-be-classic dice games!

Ages: 5+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: Any card game you like to play can now be played with only a handful of dice!  Not only does this make the games play faster, but also with some twists only a dice game can bring! The starter rules include a glossary of terms and adaptations for 7 classic games, (Crazy Eights, Go Fish, My Ship Sails, Red Dog, Euchre, Hearts, Knockout Whist) but more will be added to this page as time and interest dictate. There are games here for every age and interest.

Extras Needed: 12-36 standard six-sided dice (6 per player) to which our “revolutionary” set of labels will be applied.  Player screens and dice cups will also serve you well for many of the games.



Printing Suggestions: The rules can be printed out on standard letter sized paper.  The set of Dice (page 1) should be printed on a full-sheet label.  The player screens (pages 2-3) should be printed on heavy card.  Cut out the dice labels and apply to some old dice.  You will need one full colour – 6 dice/36 labels – for each player (make sure numbers 1-6 [each row on the label sheet] goes on one die!)  Don’t put all the same number on one die.  Don’t mix the colours on one die.  The three sets of labels for Trump dice (two in black and one in white) on the far right of the sheet, form a set vertically for each die.  Cut out the player screens and fold each one into three sections so they will stand up.

Designer’s Notes: I said I’d do it … I tried to warn you (see here) … I really did …  but you didn’t believe me did you?  Well, who’s laughing now – Me. That’s who! – BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … cough … cough … HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!      Hey, wait! Come back.  I’ll stop; I promise.