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Diabolical Doomsday Designers

11 Jan

dddOwe money on your taxes?
Long lines in the supermarket?
No good movies left at the video store?
Someone in your parking space again?
Do the neighbours still Point and Stare?

Don’t just complain — Do something about it! Why not TAKE OVER THE WORLD and have things your way for a change?

Ages: 10+

Players: 2 -6

Interesting Strategies: Playing low cards into your Drawing Board isn’t always a bad thing! (You can usually stick an opponent with you lame idea later in the game …)

Extras Needed: none




Printing Suggestions:This game could also be printed out in Black and White but it is much easier to play with colour on the cards and boards. You could simply add your own colour with a few pencil crayons, markers, or stickers. Again, laminating the cards is nice, but those card sleeves work just as well.

Designer’s Notes: I suppose that when one of your hobbies goes from “playing by the rules” to making all the rules things can sometimes get a little out of hand. Boundaries get blurred, the ego gets a little over-inflated, your sense of self importance becomes … how did my therapist put that? … super-aggrandized-megalomaniacal-fantasies … (apparently not such a good thing) Anyway to make a long story short – none of this started as a game. It was many years of bitter, lonely, and vengeful, research. But then I found out how much it would cost to actually go through with any descent plan and decided that making it all into a game would be a lot easier on my bank account. Not that I’ve given up all plans to dominate this pathetic little globe. Lets just say that in this game an unbeatable hand would include Person: “Game Designer” Item: “Free Games Web Site” Adjective: “Moronic” Event: “___” (You’ll just have to wait and see!)