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31 May

A traditional Card game in the line of such greats as Hearts and Spades …

Ages: 10+ (could play younger if the child is comfortable with numbers)

Players: 3 – 6

Interesting Features: In Diamonds players seek to score points for all the Diamonds they claim. The twist, however, is that each player speculates (bids), using cards from their starting hand, on just how much each Diamond card they claim will be worth to them! Oh, and Trump cards are always played face-down, just in case you thought it was going to be easy to make a fortune in the diamond market.

Extras Needed: a standard deck of playing cards

DOWNLOAD: Diamonds Rules

DOWNLOAD: Diamonds Score Sheet

Printing Suggestions: The rules print onto standard Letter size piece of paper. The score sheets can also be printed on a standard Letter size piece of paper, and then cut in two.

Designer’s Notes: Careful speculation is key to this game, not just in earning points, but also in managing your hand to make it more likely to win the tricks that will gain you diamonds. Don’t be afraid to use higher value cards in making your speculation bid! Sometimes it is also better to give an opponent a diamond than to claim it for yourself … again it all depends on their speculation. Also, because both the speculation and any trump card played areĀ  hidden, there is plenty of room for bluffing.