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Dish Pan Hands

14 Jan


Wars are won or lost at the negotiating table … so they say. The dirtiest war in any home? Who has to do the dishes tonight … (Not me, I did them last time!) It’s a frantically fast paced, and cut-throat battle to say or do ANYTHING, if only it keeps you from having to scrub those pots and pans! (We just HAD to have lasagna again didn’t we …)

Ages: 7(ish)+

Players: 2-6 (better with more)

Interesting Features: When there is nothing left to say, and all your excuses have been shot down, you can still try to bribe your way out of it! Sometimes art really CAN imitate life!

Extras Needed: a bunch of tokens (pennies, poker chips, etc…) for each player and maybe a sink full of dirty dishes you need washed!


Printing Suggestions: Rules are designed to be printed on both sides of the same 8.5X11 (just fold it in half when done). Print the face of all sheets, then print the card-back graphics on the back of each sheet if you like (Leaving the back blank will work if you are lazy AND if the paper is thick enough not to be seen through). Laminate the sheets and start cutting!

Designer’s Notes: It finally happened! I guess you can only hide in the basement, claiming to be busy for so long before your wife comes looking for you and figures out it’s all just a cheap excuse for not wanting to do the dishes. So much for that plan. After a few “loving” words I came to learn a couple of things: (A) It turns out that my wife doesn’t really want to be doing the dishes either … Who knew! and (B) The longer you avoid them the worse off you are in the end … You’ll just have to trust me on this one! When all was said and done (and my hands had de-pruned) I got to work on the most natural avenue for venting my frustrations at being caught. I created a game where the object is to avoid what is surely the most cruel form of punishment ever devised by the depraved minds of humanity. And the game practically wrote itself (my wife being able to recite by heart nearly every line I’ve ever used … even if they didn’t sound nearly as funny when she said them.)