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Domino Derby

12 Dec


A quirky little racing game similar to games like “Sorry” or “Pachisi”. The use of a standard set of Dominos for movement lends to some interesting and “nasty” variations. Players try to be the first to move their pieces around the board, all the while trying to keep their opponents from doing the same! Game includes a board and all the rules you need to get started! It’s a lot of fun … just don’t play it with my mom (she’s really mean when she wants to be!)

Ages: 7(ish)+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: Players use dominos to move their pieces around the board. It takes a (very) little bit of skill, and lots of planning. (A ruthless and remorseless attitude wouldn’t hurt either!)

Extras Needed: A set of dominos (Double 6’s, 9’s, or 12’s), some tokens (2-4) for each player, lots of space on the table or a couple of big bowls (these will be your draw & discard piles)


Printing Suggestions: Rules are designed to be printed on both sides of the same 8.5X11 (just fold it in half when done). The board can be printed on 8.5X11 but to make playing easier should be enlarged to 11×17 or so. (Laminate it if you want it to last longer … or just keep coming back and reprinting the thing when your 6 year old nephew spills his cola all over it again).

Designer’s Notes: This game (and LOTP) both came from a simple thought. How can I use already existing game pieces in a way that they aren’t normally used. What did I have on hand? Dominoes and Playing cards. I began with the premise of using these in a similar way to how Dice are used and the rest is history. These were also the first two board games I designed with the help of my computer, so that I could easily print them out and pass them on to others. (An idea that stuck.)