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Euchre Dice

30 Dec

Re-imagining the classic card game as a soon-to-be-classic dice game.

Ages: 8+

Players: 2, 3, or 4

Interesting Features: It has the feel of the card game, but with some twists only a dice game can bring!  And if you are losing you can always throw the dice (which will hurt more than cards!)

***Attention*** upon the advice of  legal counsel, we here at KenMGames would like to hereby publicly state that we do not condone the throwing of any game pieces … card,dice or otherwise.  Such juvenile behaviour could result in potentially minor personal injuries that we do not condone.  If you are losing and want to hurt the other players then you should make sure that you do it properly.

***Attention*** upon further advice of our legal counsel we here at KenMGames must categorically state that we do not condone the use of violence in any way shape or form … whether it be in game settings or anywhere else.  No one should be treated in such a way … unless they are humourless lawyers who can’t take a joke and always have to ruin everything for everyone else!

***Attention*** as KenMGames is now representing itself in any further legal matters we have nothing more to say and ask that you disregard everything we have said to this point as it was not us that said it and we shouldn’t be held responsible for some crazy guy who hi-jacked our keyboard.  Thank you, be nice to lawyers, and play safe.  That is all.

Extras Needed: 5 standard six-sided dice per player plus one extra and a Dice Cup.


Printing Suggestions: One piece of paper for the rules.  Print the player screens on a second sheet (heavy card works best) then cut and fold.

Designer’s Notes: Stephen and Dave, over at the wonderful podcast The Spiel (you really should give it a listen!), have been talking recently of some of their pet projects they would like to see come to light in the new year.  Chief among them was a dice adaptation of a classic card game.  That got me to thinking … but that began to hurt … so I stopped it and threw together this design instead.  It was a fun exercise, (translating from one genre to another) so I may try it again.  There are so many good games out there that could be ruined adapted!  … Once my headache subsides that is …