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Frozen Fountain Tag

18 Jul

Yet another variation on the classic childhood game of “Tag.”

ball tag

AGES: 3+


NEEDED: One large ball (soccer ball, kick ball, etc) a group of kids, and (some) room to run.

GAME RULES: To begin the game everyone starts together in the middle of the yard or the field.  The player who is “IT” (choose however you like) begins the game by throwing the ball straight up in the air.  The ball should go at least 10-20 feet up (decide with all players what you think is appropriate based on age).

As soon as the ball is thrown all the other players scatter and run.  When the player who is “IT” catches the ball they yell out “Freeze!” Everyone must stop immediately.  Without moving from the spot where it was caught, the ball is then rolled at any of the other players.

If it touches any part of that player they are now “IT” and play continues with the new person picking up the ball, throwing it (at which all players run again), catching and calling out.  IF the player misses, they must go pick up the ball and repeat the process.

GAME NOTES: The player who is it may throw the ball at an angle as long as it still goes up high enough before coming down.  The person who is “IT” may not yell out “Freeze!” until the ball is caught.  If they drop the ball they must chase it, pick it up, and then and only then call out “Freeze!”  Any player who moves in any way trying to avoid the ball is automatically “IT.”

This game is best if played in large groups in a relatively small yard or field.  Obstacles like trees and other people are also a lot of fun!

DESIGNER’S NOTES: Many thanks to Wil, Derek, and Myles who spent many hours in granny’s backyard playtesting this with me so many years ago.  Too bad I don’t have any of the photos left for blackmail!