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Joker’s Gambit

17 Dec

joker1A game for those who don’t play with a full deck! Using a limited number of cards (some with special abilities) each player tries to back the other into a postition where they cannot move. Only problem is the other guy can move the same pieces you can! Will you have the better moves or will you run out of steam ?

Ages: 7(ish)+

Players: 2

Interesting Features: Each player may move ANY of the pieces but each has only a limited number of moves they may make. Who will have the better strategy and who will run out of cards first?

Extras Needed: checkers or chess pieces (pawns), a checker / chess board, a deck of playing cards


Printing Suggestions: If you would like to use the optional markers provided on the Rules you will have to print out a couple of copies to get enough and still have a readable set of rules left over. (I did this so you would run out of ink sooner — BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH (evil laughter) — nothing is ever truly free!)

Designer’s Notes: Another game design competition was the inspiration for this little offering. The competition was to try and design a game where all the pieces are held in common. In other words no player can say “Hands Off”. It was also supposed to use common pieces anyone might have in their home. I thought – Cards and Checkers – no one has done anything with them yet! (Now that I think of it, maybe there was a game or two … a long time ago or something…) Anyway, This is what I came up with for the competition but Too Late To Submit (story of my life). That’s why I created my very own game design competition hosted by KenMGames. (I almost missed that deadline too). After much deliberation by a very distinguished -and handsome- jury where the one entry was painstakingly poured over for several gruelling minutes I am happy to announce that “Jokers Gambit” took a very respectable SECOND Place (I had to dock it marks for being late)! Yay for me!