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Leader of the Pack (LOTP)

15 Dec


[BEWARE – This one PACKS a lot of puns.]
Do you have the HEART to CLUB down your opponents? Watch Out! … they might just give it back in SPADES! A little gem of a game for all you DIAMONDS in the rough. (Oww … my wife just DECKED me! … OWW … Ok, Ok, I’ll stop)

Ages: 7(ish)+

Players: 2-6

Interesting Features: Not a One … this is just some cheap Rip Off of an AMAZINGLY, FANTASTICALLY, GREAT game called “Domino Derby.” (Actually, they were both designed at the same time and with the same lack of ideas …)

Extras Needed: A standard deck of playing cards(with or without Jokers),and some tokens (2-4) for each player


Printing Suggestions: Rules are designed to be printed on both sides of the same 8.5X11 (just fold it in half when done). The board can be printed on 8.5X11 but to make playing easier could be enlarged to 11×17 or so. (Laminate it to make an interesting place mat!)

Designer’s Notes: See the notes on Domino Derby