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O Tannen-BOOM!

27 Oct

NEVER AGAIN! That’s what you all vowed after last year’s debacle at the Festival of Trees. NEVER AGAIN!  This time you will be a winner! This time you will do everything in your power to make this Christmas different … even if that means blowing up the competition!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2-4

Interesting Features: The Baubles you can use to decorate empty branches of your tree are also the same bombs you need to blow up your opponent’s trees!  Once they are used you cannot get them back. How and when to use them isn’t always so easy!

Extras Needed: nothing!

DOWNLOAD: O Tannen-BOOM! Cards and Tokens

DOWNLOAD: O Tannen-BOOM! Rules

Printing Suggestions: all components can be printed on Letter sized paper.  Page 8 of the card file is the card backs.  Print this page on the reverse side of the other pages. Pages 9-12 are the tokens, print the colour (decorations) on one side and the grey (bombs) on the back If possible the tokens should be printed on a heavier card stock.

Designer’s Notes: I’m a sucker for game design competitions (for entering them that is).  Over at the Boardgame Geek they are running one for Christmas games.  So I thought Why Not?  Its a win win situation … if (when) I lose I will still have my Christmas shopping done for the year (cover your eyes all my dear family and friends) and if I win … well then … I win …  So, with that tight little bit of logic under my belt all I needed was a theme.  Well, it just so happened I was looking out the window at a tree (first piece of the puzzle) and thinking – as I often do – about blowing stuff up (second piece).  The rest fell into place pretty quickly.  And I have my very clever wife to thank for the title! (As do you – I was originally going to call it “The Game Where People Get to Blow Up Christmas Trees Game” or something like that.)