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Pencil Dice

17 Jul

What follows is not a full-fledged game, but a game related idea that you may appreciate. (Or not …)

game books

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of the good old game books of yesteryear.  Fighting Fantasy, Middle Earth Quest, etc … you name it – I’ve probably played it!  These little game books are one of my all-time favourite ways of spending my down-time while on summer holidays.  All you need is the book, a scrap of paper and a pencil and one or two dice.  But that’s the draw-back isn’t it?  Who carries around a set of dice with them all the time?  Who hasn’t lost a die or two in their day?   Some books have random number generators built in but none are as much fun as rolling the dice, and some are just plain awkward.  If only there was a more elegant solution …

Well now there is!

Try this out for yourself.  Take a good old fashioned pencil – orange with six sides (like you will need to play the game anyway) and put the numbers 1-6 around one end of it.  It doesn’t really matter in what order, just so long as each face of the pencil only has one number on it.  Now whenever your game book needs dice rolling just use the pencil instead.  Roll the pencil and read the number that faces up.

pencil dice

Do it to all your pencils and you will never be without a d6 ever again!  Results may vary for those who tend to chew their pencils.