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Pip & Squeak

28 May

Pip&SqueakOne tiny little game that you can play two different ways!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2 – 4

Interesting Features: It’s dice … and some rules … how is that NOT interesting? Pip & Squeak is the little game you can play two different ways. In Pip you get to blame your lousy friends for losing. In Squeak you get to blame the lousy dice!

Extras Needed: four standard dice per player.

DOWNLOAD: Pip & Squeak

Printing Suggestions: The whole thing prints on one standard Letter size piece of heavy paper front and back. Use the cutting guides to get your individual cards. Don’t cut right off the edge, just up to the mark, and it works like a charm. Put the cards into card sleeves if you like.

Designer’s Notes: Pip is more tense and likely to make you yell at your opponents. Squeak is more chaotic and guaranteed to make you yell at your dice. You decide which one your friendships can handle.