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Quest For A Girlfriend

18 Dec

girlfriendIt’s Friday night … and you’re a loser.

Tonight is the night when you will finally get a date (or die trying ).
Tonight you are on a Quest … a Quest for a Girlfriend!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2-6

Interesting features: “Let’s Just Be Friends!” (Need I say more?)

Extras Needed: A couple of 6 sided dice, And if you are not using the included pieces: A marker (pawn) for each player, 3 different types of tokens (coins, poker chips, etc.)


Printing Suggestions: You need the first 3 files FOR SURE. (Although the 4th is useful too!) Enlarge the game boards to 11×17, trim and tape together. Each of the Card sheets should be printed with the card type on the Back (included in each card file), laminate and cut out. The player pieces should be cut out in rectangles, folded in half (name on one side, picture on the other). They stand up really well if you then place them in a small binder clip.

Designer’s Notes: What can I say? It was a blue period of my life. And sometimes art truly does imitate life. This is the first game I ever put together. It has seen a couple of different prototypes and a few additional cards over the years, but all in all is pretty close to the original. The one big change I made along the way was to actually give a guy a chance to get a date. The original ONLY had the “Reality Bites” rules. Strangely enough, this game has always been most popular with boys too young to want to date (they were just in it to collect tokens and laugh when somebody else got a date) or female friends (who were always suprisingly good at the game)!