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5 Feb

roachesYou’ve got an infestation problem and the only way to get rid of it is to give it to someone else!

Ages: 7+

Players: 3+

Interesting Features: The more cards you play to the pile the more special (and powerful) cards you can draw. But this also makes it easier for you to get stuck with A LOT of disgusting little roaches somewhere down the road. Of course you could just play them directly on your friends … but then they might want to get you back by giving you the pile. What are you going to do?

Extras Needed: One or two coloured chips, coins or markers for everyone (of a different colour for each player)


Printing Suggestions: Print the face of all sheets, then print the card-back graphics on the back of each sheet. Laminate the sheets and start cutting! The rules are designed for one sheet of 8.5X11 front and back (no folding needed!)

Designer’s Notes: This game came to me in a sweat-denched, middle of the night, bolt upright clench-fisted flash back.  I woke yet again to the sensation of thousands of little roaches swarming over my pillow.  It took me almost twenty minutes to convince myself that it wasn’t true … that I was no longer living in my old apartment from my college days, fearing to turn on the light or dig in a cupboard, or lift that pot-lid over there … uuuggghhh …  I knew I needed a way to exorcise those persistant little demons so that very morning I began work on the game you see before you.  And you know … it worked.  My brother recoiled in fear when I just showed him the game (same problem different apartment).  It made me smile a little.  Even better, is watching the horror on others’ faces as you stick them with a huge pile of cards covered in roaches during the game.  It almost lets me ignore the sweat that still breaks out on my brow everytime I play it!