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Tangled Webs

16 Dec

(Wait … that didn’t come out quite right …) The Bugs are taking up arms (and they’ve got a lot to take up!) against their long time oppressor – the Spider. No more having to watch where you’re flying! No more being left hanging! No more being eaten! This time it’s personal! This time it’s full scale insecticide! (Ok, ok, I know, spiders are not really insects, they’re Arthropods of the class Arachnida, whereas true “insects” are Arthropods of the classes Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Pauropoda, Symphyla, and Insecta …duh!) It just sounds cooler this way!

Ages: 5+
Players: 2

Interesting Features: One player (the spider) actually hurts himself each time he takes another piece (which he must do if he is going to win!)

Extras Needed: A bunch of those little plastic Bugs (one must be a Spider) or Some tokens, or pennies, etc …


Printing Suggestions: You should enlarge the board to fit the included tokens. If you use plastic bugs (to gross out your litle sister) then you may also need to enlarge the board a little to fit. BUT you could just as easily draw the board yourself and use some spare change for the pieces.

Designer’s Notes: Another trip to the dollar store, another bag of goodies (fake bugs!!!), another vague recollection that there must be a game in it all somewhere. We here at KenMGames believe in spending BIG to bring you the best stuff. So anyway, there the little bugs sat (on my desk) but no game was coming. I tried scaring my wife with them but she too smart for that. Problem was they began creeping me out when I’d find them all over my stuff (too many flashbacks to an old college apartment). I needed to do something with them and fast. I have wanted to do a game of unequal forces … but how to put a twist on it? Then it hit me (OK it was actually my wife. I had left the bugs out again.) By trying to scare her I had actually been hurting myself (along with her help of course). What about using that very premise in a game? The one thing you have to do to win is also the one thing that would lead just as easily to your demise … how deliciously sinister! (Ouch)