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The Tiltyard

13 Jun


Will you be the knight who makes his fortune, or might you be the one to lose your fortune or even your life? Its time to step onto the field of glory … It’s time to enter the Tiltyard!

Ages: 7+

Players: 2

Interesting Features: The lance, the axe, the sword.  Three rounds of gruelling passes to prove your skill, best your opponent and win renown. But battles are won or lost just as easily in the courts of royal favour as they are on the field of honour.  Having the King’s ear, or the Queen’s heart may be the boost to your renown that makes all the difference.

Extras Needed: A standard deck of cards (Jokers optional)

DOWNLOAD: THE TILTYARD (New and Improved Rules!)

Printing Suggestions: Pretty straightforward – one piece of paper with the rules printed on both sides.  Fold it in half and you are ready to go!

Designer’s Notes: Sean Ross, over at the Geek (BoardgameGeek) initiated a 2-player card game design contest.  This was my SPECTACULARLY AWESOME ENTRY … that lost …  As I post this the constest is still going on, but since the first round of voting is over and my game didn’t make it through I proudly (???) offer it here for your consideration and enjoyment.  When you have tried this out why not go check out all the other great entries in the contest.  You won’t be sorry (for them I mean … I make no such claims for mine!)

June 2013 UPDATE … Ok, in a word, this game lost because it kind of sucked … the more I looked at it the more I decided that it was more about the game playing you, than you playing it. There just were not enough meaningful choices.  So I went back to the drawing board and what you have is a brand new game with 75% less suckage … Give or take …

What you now have in front of you is a much truer Climbing style game, with some wicked little twists to keep you engaged right to the very end. Not bad for a two player game!  Anyway, to those who played the earlier version I apologize … and offer this up with the hopes that you will give it a try and like it so much that you forget all about the earlier one (earlier one? … what earlier one?)