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TLC (Toad and Lizard Carnage)

16 Dec

tlc1It seems that the Beer companies have been spying out your marsh as a possible location for their next Super Bowl commercial. There’s only one problem, they say the place is just too crowded. Fame and fortune (and a free case of suds) are yours for the taking … but not with those pesky Toads’ (or Lizards) always hanging around. There’s only one way to solve this mess and claim the prize. It’s time for a little Toad & Lizard Carnage! …

Ages: 5+

Players: 2

Interesting Features: Each player is playing the same game but with “different rules!”

Extras Needed: A bunch of plastic critters (frogs, toads, lizards, newts) or use the tokens included.



Printing Suggestions: A Board is included and can be printed as you need. However, you could just as easily use a chess or checkers board. If you print the board, it can be enlarged to fit your plastic critters. The included tokens fit the board as is. (I wouldn’t advice using real [live] critters … they just don’t understand the subtle nuances of strategy … and they tend to mess up your board …)

Designer’s Notes: The question began to form in my mind one day: “What if two people are playing the same game … but by different rules?” For a minute I thought my whole understanding of reality was beginning to shift, but then I realized it was just the extra bowl of chili I had for lunch. The effects passed but the idea stayed. I’ll be honest, the Toads and the Lizards are just a shallow ploy to draw in unsuspecting naturalists and warm-hearted biologists.