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To Please the Court

24 Dec


You are an up-and-coming courtier trying to leverage gifts and favours to the royal court in order to gain influence and a better position of power for yourself. Who’s favour will you seek? Who’s displeasure will you earn? Who will play their cards just right and Please the Court?

Ages: 6+

Players: 1 or 2

Interesting Features: Trying to fulfill gift lists? Giving and receiving? Head-to-head battles for recognition and favours?  It almost screams of the holidays doesn’t it? How could I not offer this to everyone as a Christmas present?

Plus there is a version for those who prefer to be alone. Merry Christmas!

Extras Needed: A Deck of Playing Cards and maybe a pencil and paper for scoring (if you are really keen).

DOWNLOAD: To Please the Court Rules

DOWNLOAD: To Please the Court Boards

Printing Directions: Print the Rules on both sides of an 8.5 x 11″sheet of paper (landscape) and fold in half to make a booklet. Print the Court Boards on some heavy paper/cardstock and cut in half.

Designer’s Notes: (or “How to reinvent Rummy with No Dice”) Roll and Write games are very popular now for good reason – because they are a lot of fun! One day I was wondering if you could do a Roll and Write with Cards instead of dice. Call it a Draw and Write if you like. And then as flipped through a deck of cards and thought more I realized that I’m lazy so why write when there are already numbers on the cards. So what I present to you is my version of a Roll and Write game with absolutely no rolling or writing and which became instead, basically Rummy tweaked to have no dice in it whatsoever.