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Top Dollar

12 Dec

**Read A review** (Found at Rpg.net)


A simple little Roleplaying Game (only 24 pages!) based upon countless insanity fuelled years of retail experience.Players are top secret operatives of the Top Dollar Organization, a clandestine society dedicated to making the work-place a safer place for all minimum-wagers. It’s “Spy vs Spy” meets your local shopping mall! The game includes all the rules you need to get started, character sheets, a miniature campaign setting and even some pictures!

Genre: Goofy

Players: 2+

Roleplaying System: Characters have three attributes, and several skills. Rolls are made with 2d6.

Extras Needed: Pencils, paper, a couple of six sided dice.


Printing Suggestions: Can be most easily done on 8.5X11 and then stapled or 3-hole punched (laminate the front and back cover and you can use dry erase markers on the battle map).  For a spiffy effect why not copy it onto 11X17 and make a booklet!

Designer’s Notes: What can I say? It’s all true … every single word. I know cause I lived it (shudder) … my therapist says I’m starting to make some marked improvement. This was really just a way to blow off some steam while working in the hideous garden center of Dante’s 4th level of hell. A great influence in my roleplaying system design was the wonderful game “TWERPS” by Jeff and Amanda Dee. Twerps taught me that too many rules can sometimes take away the fun that intentional ambiguity can bring.