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Towers of Terror

16 Dec

towersWho says engineers can’t be warriors? Meet the few, the meek, the “I’d-rather-be-talking-about -torque-stress-ratios -over-a-keg-or-two” kind of men from the king’s BUILDING BATTALION. Join with them as they hit the training grounds that will one day prove their ‘metal’ (and wood, and gears, and …)

Ages: 7+

Players: 2 or 3

Interesting features: the design of the FLAT board does a pretty good job of simulating a Not-So-Flat Hill. The closer you get to the center (top) the more advantage you have over those below … and the better a target you become!

Extras Needed: Checkers (or something similar) that can be stacked … coins or cookies would definitely make clean-up after the game a lot more fun!


Printing Suggestions: Enlarge to 11×17 if you like, but not really necessary.

Designer’s Notes: A few games into my designing career (?) I realized that I had several themed games and several racing type games, but not one game that revolved around the strategy of position. The next thing that came into the design of this one was that games of position on square boards had already been done (and way better than I could do … that didn’t stop me from later trying though!) so why not make it …ROUND. (I know! Where do I come up with these ideas!?!) I added the theme of “battling engineers” for my brother-in-law, Eric “The Mighty” … an engineer (but you probably already guessed that part right?)