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Triton’s Garden

6 Jan


Ages: 8+

Players: 3 – 6

Interesting Features: King Triton is building a new underwater garden and he needs your help to stock it with all things beautiful. Collect the right kinds of fish to gain his praise, but watch out for those mischievous dolphins!

So many options for scoring! So many options for messing up your opponent’s scoring! And dolphins … because, why not?

Extras Needed: One deck of regular Playing Cards and a pencil & paper for scoring.

DOWNLOAD: Triton’s Garden

Making Your Own Deck: I have a nice aquatic themed deck of cards to go with this game. Send me an email and I can provide you with the link so you can make one for yourself if you like!

Designer’s Notes: The idea and core mechanics for this game, I am very proud to say, came from the very creative mind of my daughter. I’m not sure what she has against dolphins. You will have to ask her. What a pleasure to be able to share with you the work of our collective craziness.